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Bookkeeping (MICB.CB.Dip)

HMRC has launched a programme of Business Records Checks aimed at Small and Medium Enterprises. The impact of this is that small businesses must ensure their records are properly kept in order to avoid fines of up to £3,000 for 'record keeping failures'.

In addition, with Companies Act 2006 now in force, Sole Traders are in a position whereby they no longer need accountants to produce final accounts. Bookkeepers can do this and at a much reduced cost thereby freeing Accountants up to do the 'important stuff'.

Your Trusted Resource is a registered bookkeeping practice licensed and regulated by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB). This means you can be assured your books are being handled by a qualified, competent and insured professional.

As an ICB Certified bookkeeper YTR offers the following bookkeeping functions:

Small business set up

You have decided to start your own business but are focused on your product/idea and would prefer not to worry about admin and bookkeeping details. Let Your Trusted Resource take care of those details for you. Below are some of the services offered - this is not an exhaustive list. Contact Me to discuss your requirements and YTR will tailor a solution suited to you.

PA/EA Services

Every aspect of business support you can think of right down to the coffee! Services include but are not limited to:

Website Maintenance and Document Production

Keeping your website up-to-date can be time consuming and is often neglected in favour of conducting business. This can also be said for creating 'branded' document templates. Last but not least, properly referencing, filing and archiving documents is an area that is remotely visited - usually when an inbox/in-tray is over-flowing and can no longer be ignored!

Let Your Trusted Resource Keep You Organised and 'clutter free'. YTR will ensure you can easily locate your documents and files.